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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Our New Home!

Well, how do I start? I've been married now for over a year...which is kinda unbelievable b/c it seems like we just got married. We recently went on a trip to Seattle for our anniversary and a wedding of some close friends. Jake and I also recently moved into a much nicer and more spacious place. I absolutely love it! We had some friends over for dinner tonight. It was fun. I made salmon picatta...it was pretty good. Now I'm bored and just thinking of a way to pass the time. There isn't too much to do on Sunday's besides go to church. I had a dream about my brother David last night. He is currently on a mission. It was so good to see him and hug him, even if it occured in the depths of my subconscious. He is one of my best friends, always has been and always will be. I don't know how people can not be close to their siblings. I love all of mine so so much. And their children as well. I can't wait till Jake and I start our own family. Something else to look forward to in the future.....
Above is the view from our new condo.