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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Josh Groban Concert

Yesterday Jake and I took a quick plane ride to Boise to attend a Josh Groban concert with Jake's family. It was a very quick trip, we arrived at 5:30last night and left at 6:30 this morning. We were there for only 13 hours and hoped the trip was worth it....and let me tell you it certainly was. It was such an amazing concert! We heard from someone that Josh Groban wasn't as good live....wow were they wrong. He sounded just like the cd and made no mistakes that we could pick out. He was so entertaining, even between songs with his humorous and fun personality. Needless to say the whole show was a big hit with the Pollard family. I enjoyed every song, some more then others. At one point in the show Josh ran toward the back of the stage and I was like "where did he go?" a few seconds later the spotlight focused on who was now drumming...Josh! Man can that guy do it all. He was spectacular. For the last 2 songs Aubrey and I ran down to the stage with the rest of the fanatic girls and screamed and clapped hoping he would touch our hand....we felt kinda silly, but it was still fun. I was about 6 inches from touching his hand, so close...maybe next time =) Jake and I are exhausted from the trip but so glad we went!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Another day of Graduation!

Today Jake received his diploma! Once again the ceremony was suprisingly short, we got out of the Marriot Center within an hour. Unfortunately Jake was "sweating bullets" in his gown so he took it off before we were able to take pictures. Following the final graduation shin-dig we went to lunch at Mimi's Cafe. We had a wonderful brunch/lunch. Jake then went to work while Lanette and I did some shopping. We finished off the night by going to dinner at Goodwood...which was amazing by the way! Jakes ribs....there are not words to describe the scrumptiousness of them. We came home following dinner and watched a movie. Some other exciting news...we received a phone call from our good friend Ricky who said that he and his wife are moving back to Utah b/c he got accepted to BYU's law program. We were pretty stoked. Well, its time to watch our movie and get some shut eye!

Jake is a college graduate!

A few days ago Jake informed everyone that yes in fact he would be participating in the graduation ceremony. So Lanette, Jakes mom booked a flight and arrived yesterday for Jakes graduation! We had a wonderful time supporting Jake in his accomplishment. We even saw Kurt Bestor there! We joked that he must have come to see Jake graduate. After the rather short ceremony we went out to dinner with Ronnie and Rashell. Ronnie left work early to watch Jake graduate, its nice to have family that cares and supports us. We went to dinner at Jakes favorite restaurant, Bangkok Grille. Everyone loved it, especially the mango and sweet rice dessert. That was a big hit! More festivities will happen today!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Movie Reviews

Jake and I went and saw "No Reservations" with Catherine Zeta-Jones on Saturday. It was a much better movie than anticipated. It was a really cute romantic-drama. It had some sad and touching parts, but with some humor and a fairly good ending. Of course Jake and I always want couples to get married at the end...but you can't have everything!

Yesterday Jake and I went out to dinner to Chile's with Chris and Staci, played Disney's Scene It, ate cake and ice cream, and then went and saw the "Bourne Ultimatum" with Matt Damon. This movie was highly anticipated by both of us. So we were really excited to see it. It seems the movies that receive the most hype we are more dissapointed with. We didn't like it as much as we thought we would. Jake didn't like the ending. And niether of us liked how little resolution the movie had. I also wish there was more relationship development between Niki Parsons and Jason Bourne...her role was very minor and unexplained. Jake and I agree that if there was another sequal entitled "The Bourne Resolution" we would be a lot happier.

Ricki's Wedding in Seattle

A month ago Jake and I flew to Seattle for Ricki and Lindy's wedding. Seattle is a very beautiful place! The weather was perfect, about 75 which was a big change from the 100s we'd been having in Boise and Utah. The day we arrived Jake and I rented a Mustang, which really isn't as cool of a car as we thought. We had a little trouble finding downtown Seattle, Jake took a wrong turn and got us stuck in traffic for an hour. To say the least I was a little unhappy =) We finnally arrived at our destination and did some shopping. We went to Pike Market and ate breakfast at a quaint little cafe located just above the market place. We had biscuits and gravy, delicious! The stores were huge! Macy's was 7 floors high which is like 4x the size we're used to. After our shopping spree we headed for Bellevue which is where the Rehersal dinner was that night. Finding our hotel was hard task b/c their road system was so much different then what we're used to. We found our hotel and were able to get cleaned up before the dinner. The next day was our 1 year anniversary and also Ricki and Lindy's wedding day! We celebrated our wedding by attended a sealing of some close friends, which is pretty much the best way I think to celebrate such a special occassion. From now on Jake and I want to do sealings every anniversary b/c there's no better way to spend that special day then remembering and rexperiencing the sacredness of it. We then took Will for some milk shakes and fries and got ready for the reception. The ring ceremony was beautiful and the food was great! Jake and I escaped for a while to take some pictures along the shore. After the reception Jake and I stayed at the Silver Cloud Hotel in downtown Seattle, it was a beautiful place to stay and perfect for our anniversary! A hotel which I hope to return to. The next day we were able to do a little shopping again but didn't buy anything b/c it was Sunday. We went to the Space Needle and took a few pictures there. What a beautiful view! The next day we headed back to Boise and flew home the following day. What a fun trip!

Camping with the Thackers

Last month Jake and I went camping with Staci and Chris Thacker. Unfortunately we camped at the same canyon (American Fork) a young boy was killed a couple of weeks earlier by a bear. That had an unsettling effect on my nerves. On the way up I was in tears b/c I was so scared. The camping area's were all full so we found a secluded place way up a mountain. It was really beautiful. We camped right on the side of a mountain where we had a view of timpanogos and a lake below. It was right along a hiking trail and happened to have a fire pit and just enough space for our tents. We stayed up late talking and Staci and I roasted marshmellows. That night I made sure Jake stayed close b/c I was pretty scared. However, thanks to prayers we slept safely and I slept like a rock! Funny story...Staci woke up b/c she heard a strange sound and got scared, turns out it was just Jake snoring. Luckily I have adapted to such sounds and never awoke to his snoring. The next morning we ate a delicious breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and sausage. We chatted for a while and decided to go on a little hike. This little hike was actually not so little. It was pretty intense for amateur hikers such as Jake and myself. However it was beautiful when we reached the top. There was a freezing glacier lake and brave crazies who were actually swimming in it. The supposive 2 hour hike turned into a 5 hour one, we were all tired and ready to go home by the end of it. It was a very fun outdoor experience!