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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We have a 2 year old

Hannah girl turned 2 on Friday. We had a little party with Jake's family while we were there for Thanksgiving. She got some fun present's and we sang Happy Birthday to her. To celebrate on her Birthday we went out to dinner at a local thai restaurant. Turn's out Hannah loves thai food. Especially chicken satay and pad thai. She ate like a champ.

On Saturday was her birthday party. We combined with another family in our ward whose girl also turned 2 the same week. It was a Fancy Nancy themed party. The birthday girl's dressed up in Fancy Nancy dresses with necklaces and crown's. It was adorable. We ate food, played a couple of games, opened presents, and had some yummy cupcakes. It was perfect.

Hannah's big birthday present from us was a brand new kitchen. Which I put together myself. Jake was busy studying for final's, and I couldn't wait for Hannah to start playing with it. We found it on Amazon for a great deal. It is the pertiest little kitchen I've ever seen. But I am never putting anything together again. It took me 4 hours. Certainly at least twice as long as it would have taken Jake. And when I was "finished" there were 3 pieces that were left unused. Turn's out I missed a crucial step. I forgot to put the back board's on before I built the rest. Obviously I delegated Jake to fix my mistake :-) Thanks babe.

Hannah's brand new kitchen
Hannah at 2
Our absolute favorite new thing that Hannah does is she thanks us for everything. If you hand her something, or help her with something, or basically do anything for her she will say "ank you mama" or "ank you dada" (aka "thank you"). It is he cutest thing in the world. She looks you in the eyes when she say's it and it makes you feel like you just did the most important thing that's ever been done for her.

She loves food. Chicken, ham, cheese, crackers, pasta, bread, pea's, corn (especially corn on the cob), apples, oranges, bananas, fruit snacks, cookies, egg's, waffles, cream of wheat...are all among her favorites. She is a very independent eater and is very skilled with fork's and spoons. Which makes it much easier on me at meal-times.

She has a sleeping schedule. We put her down at 9:30pm and she wakes up around 8am. She takes a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. Man do I love those nap's. I hope she keep's it up.

She loves being "priey" (aka pretty). She is constantly getting into my makeup and she trys to put thing's on while saying "priey". When I am putting makeup on she will come in and ask to be "priey" too. She also loves to wear crown's and necklaces.

Loves to help clean. Give her a rag and she will wipe down anything for you.

Loves to color, play with blocks, and puzzles. And she enjoy's having someone play with her. I can't count the # of times in a day where she grab's my hand and drag's me over to join her in play.

Say's new word's and phrases all the time. She is doing less and less jibberish and more talking.

LOVES her baby dolls. She is constantly kissing and hugging her babies. Yesterday she sat baby in the high chair and brought over a container and spoon and stood there feeding the baby.

She does not like nursery. It is mostly our fault for accompanying her into nursery because she would cry when we would try to leave. She has gone the past 2 Sunday's staying in nursery the whole time without us. Of course she cries at first, but within 10 minutes she is playing and eating snack's like nothing is wrong. We need a better method with the next one.

She like's to go "bye bye in da car". She will first ask if we are going to get dada. And if I say no she assumes we are going to see "Jaaa" (aka Jack, her best baby boy bud). She adores Jack and is so sweet with him. She will tickle him, pat him, and bring him toy's. The way she treat's him makes me less worried for the transition when the little man join's us in a couple of month's.

If her eyes were open this would be the perfect representation of our joyful little 2 year old
Happy Birthday pumpkin!
Playing pin the crown on the princess at her birthday party
The 2 Birthday Girls
She did such a great job blowing out her candle!
Chowing down on her cupcake
Opening presents
She loves wearing her crown and necklaces around the house. She really is such a princess.

Happy Birthday to our sweet little angel!!