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Saturday, August 28, 2010

David got hitched!

My little brother David married his sweetheart on August 20th. Hannah and I flew out the week before so we could spend some extra time with family. Getting there was a bit of a pain. Our flight was supposed to leave Sunday afternoon, but when we got to the airport we were informed our flight was 3 hours late and they had to bump us off it because they couldn't get us a connecting flight to Sacramento that night. So Hannah and I had to wake up at 5am Monday morning to catch our 6:50am flight. Fun.

She did awesome the first flight to Seattle. But during our 2 hour lay over at that airport she was hard to control. I basically spent those hours chasing her around the airport. Sea Tac is a big airport. At one point in time I needed to use the restroom and she through the biggest tantrum including a Pterodactyl scratch to my face. Just a little embarrassing. And don't worry, she continued to be upset for part of the flight as well. Next time we are doing a direct flight. End of story.

So when we got to my parent's house and started getting ready for bed I was disheartened to find that my makeup bag, bathroom case, and hair straightener didn't make it back into my suitcase. Thank's to having to take those necessities out of my suitcase to get ready for my delayed flight. Thanks Alaskan Airlines. Luckily my mom was kind enough to share whatever makeup I needed and my dad ran to the store to get me a toothbrush, face wash, and deodorant. SO grateful for my Padres :-)

Wednesday night was Alaina's (David's Fiancé) Bridal Shower and it was so much fun. Thursday morning we all left for Oakland so that we could attend Alaina's endowment session in the temple. So amazing. A big thank's goes to my amazing sister-in-law's who watched Hannah for me :-) That night was the Rehearsal Dinner. My mom did an incredible job at planning and decorating for the occasion. There were about 50 people that attended and the food was delicious. It was the perfect dinner to pre-celebrate the beautiful day to follow.

Friday morning was their sealing. It was amazing. They both looked so gorgeous and most of all happy. Incredibly happy. We then took 983492803 pictures in front of the temple, haha. Hannah was sooooooo thrilled when it came time to take pictures, especially since it was right smack in the middle of her nap time. Hopefully she didn't ruin every picture she was in with that tearful little face. After the temple we all went to the Luncheon which was held at Mimi's Cafe. The food was great and it was fun to talk more with everyone who came to the temple that morning.

Jake flew in Saturday morning and my wonderful brother Paul was kind enough to pick him up at the airport on his way home from his friend's house in the Bay area. It was great to have Jake with us, Hannah and I missed him, a lot. That night was the reception. It was fun and beautiful. My favorite part was Alaina and David's first dance as husband and wife. It was so sweet. We had a wonderful time and I was so glad we got to be there to witness their Wedding Day. We wish you two all the happiness the world has to offer. Now they are in Hawaii, and I am soooo jealous :-)

Here are some pictures....I didn't have my camera at the Reception, but here are some pictures of the Rehearsal Dinner and at the Temple.

Hannah all dressed up for the Rehearsal Dinner

So pretty

Kiah and Emma being goof's :-)

The beautiful Bride and Groom

The happy couple with their parent's

Of course Hannah had to get her snuggles from Uncle Day

She was attached to his hip

Waiting for the newly married couple to join us outside the temple

Pictures with Grandma Geri

Hannah with her twin, Jane. Don't they look like sister's?

The look I got from David when I asked him to kiss his wife again for a picture, haha.

Husband and Wife

Such a beautiful and happy couple

My Bridesmaid Bouquet

David and his good friend Kyle Smith. What a good looking pair.

Hannah in her pretty dress.

Getting ready to take pictures in front of the temple

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School

After a 3 year break from school Jake started up once again. Last week was his first week of medical school. Here he is heading out the door for orientation. Hannah and I left for California on his 1st day of classes, so this picture will have to do. Hannah of course wanted to get in on the picture taking.

Jake was very excited to take a picture

Of course Hannah wanted to get in the picture. Excuse the just-got-out-of-bed head.

And an adorable picture I took of Hannah. She is turning into a little girl!

The week of orientation there were picnic's in the evening for the medical student's and their families. We ate yummy barbecued food and met lot's of great people. Jake discovered that there are 4 other BYU graduates who are in his class. 2 of them are from Provo, 1 from BYU Hawaii, and the other from BYU Idaho. The 2 from Provo are also married and one of the couples has a 4 month old baby boy. It has been a lot of fun getting to know them and we are looking forward to becoming good friend's as we begin this long journey together.

At the first day of orientation the med student's went around and introduced themselves. The head of the program guy (Dr. Turner) mentioned that every year there is a baby born during the school year and they are referred to as the WWAMI Baby (WWAMI is the name of the program Jake is in for Med School). So when it was Jake's turn he stood up and one of the first thing's he said was "My wife and I will be having the WWAMI baby in February". Everyone laughed. From then on I have been known as the pregnant wife. When I came to the BBQ Dr. Turner came up to me and said that early February will be a great time for me to have the baby because there are no exam's until later that month. He also said that Jake can take a few day's off and have people take notes for him in class. I thought that was a very kind thing for Dr. Turner to say because of course I have been worried about Jake being there for me and this new baby. But he helped calm my fear's. Look's like there is nothing to worry about....right? :-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our New Home

I miss Utah. I miss the mountain's. I miss our friend's. I miss the house we were house-sitting because it felt like home. I miss having family close and being a convenient drive away for family member's who lived further away. There are so many thing's I love about Utah. But Jake and I are starting to see how this new place can feel like home for us over the next year.

First of all, Moscow is gorgeous. It reminds me a lot of my home town in northern California. Lot's of green tree's, evergreen's and hill's. But here there are rolling hills of beautiful golden wheat field's too. So beautiful. There is more civilization than I anticipated as well, haha. There is a mall! Which I was totally not expecting. And even a Walmart! Which I kind of expected :-) It has a small town feel, because well, it is a small town. Jake and I both love that. The driver's here are so much more courteous and actually drive the speed limit. Unbelievable I know.

Secondly, we love our apartment. Our complex is a bunch of 4-plexes. We have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The bathrooms are fairly small, especially our shower which is basically a 2 1/2 foot square cubicle which seems to have been designed to improve flexibility :-) But our bedrooms are HUGE! So much bigger than we're used to. Jake will have plenty of study space in his office/workout room. And Hannah's bedroom has lots of space to keep her toy's from taking over the whole house. Yay. Our kitchen and living room are completely put together, even with pictures on the walls. The bedroom's need some work still. But I have plenty of time.

Jake started medical school today at the University of Washington. Well, technically it's just orientation. But it is all day today, tomorrow, and Saturday. They don't mess around. Saturday is an all day mandatory rafting trip. Nothing better than a team building exercise to help them get through the next few grueling year's. I am so excited for Jake. This has been his dream since the day I met him. I had only known him about an hour and I remember sitting across from him in the Wilkinson's Center at BYU when I asked him what profession he was pursuing. He said he wanted to be a doctor, specifically an anesthesiologist. And here he is, after 7 year's of hard work, living his dream. Now he just has 7 more year's of hard work :-) Wish us luck! We are embarking on quite the adventure. Stay tuned for pictures! As soon as I find where we packed our camera....

Wooohooo The Move Is Over!

The past 10 days have been CRAZY. But the whole moving process was made one hundred times easier with the help of family and friends.

The first Monday in August Jake's mom drove up from Idaho to help us pack and to keep Hannah happy while Jake and I packed. I despise packing. It is especially hard if you procrastinate because you are in denial that you are actually moving and leave yourself a few day's to prepare :-) But the good new's is we got it done. Jake's mom was a great help and just the motivating factor we needed to get stuff done. My mom and brother David drove up after dropping off some furniture at David's new apartment in Rexburg for him and his soon to be wife. (My little brother is getting married! How can he be old enough? 23 is too young, hehehe) My dad was able to fly up the day before the big move. Basically we couldn't have gotten everything done that we needed to in such a short amount of time without our wonderful families. Our good friend's the Bellow's came over Thursday night to help pack. Jared helped move things out while Jen and her boy's kept Hannah entertained. Thanks friends!

We planned on pulling out of Provo with our 26 foot moving van on Friday morning. But we didn't actually make it to the car's until 5pm. And we were lucky to get out that early. My good friend Ashley came over to say bye but ended up staying to help us clean and do last minute packing for a few hours. I love that girl. She saved my sanity, haha. Friday was a rough day. 10 hours of packing and cleaning before a 6 hour drive. Ouch.

The drive to Moscow, ID is about 13 hours from Provo. But Jake's family lives in Boise which is almost exactly half way. Perfect. Hannah slept for 2 hours of the drive. Even more perfect :-) But when she woke up about 15 minutes before arriving at Jake's parent's house she was not happy. And cried pretty much the rest of the way. Quite the traumatic experience for my brother David who was in the car with Hannah and I. We got to their house about midnight and everyone but Jake got a good night's sleep. Jake had to wake up at 6am to head to Moscow because the property management company we rented through closes at 2pm on Saturday's. Thanks babe for taking one for the team :-)

Jake's mom had a wonderful big breakfast for us in the morning. We took it easy because we were in dire need of a rest. We ended up rolling out of Boise at about noon. After a few stops for snack's and lunch we made it to Moscow at 6:30. The drive didn't seem very long because it was SO beautiful. I loved it. Hannah did even better this time around. I owe a lot to my mom on that one. And Tigger and Pooh DVD's. My mom made sure Hannah had everything she needed when she needed it and even let us stop at a park for a little bit to let Hannah run out some energy.

When we pulled into our apartment complex Jake's cousin and her husband (who live in Moscow) were waiting with 5 or so guys from our new ward who were all there to help us move our stuff in. What a blessing that was. They got everything out of the moving van and into our place in an hour!! 1 hour! Incredible.

My parent's and David stayed in Moscow for a couple of days to help us get our furniture put together and in place. The morning they left for home they came to our apartment and cleaned for 2 hours. Now if that isn't love I don't know what is :-) That night Jake's parent's drove into town and they have been a great help getting settled in. They even babysat Hannah last night so Jake and I could have one last date night for a long while (Jake started medical school today). We went to the movies and finally saw Inception. Wow. What an intriguing story. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hannah has definitely enjoyed the visitor's and attention the past week or so. She is constantly saying B, Day, Mimi n Papa and Gama Geri. She sure loves her family. And so do we. We are truly blessed.