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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gretchen is a College Grad!

For those of you who didn't think it was possible, the day has finally arrived. On April 24th and 25th of 2008 I graduated from BYU with a degree in Exercise Science and a minor in World Dance. My parents drove up from Cali and my older brother Justin flew in for the event. My brother Ronnie and his family who live in American Fork were also able to come to both graduation ceremonies. On Jakes side of the family his Mom and sister Aubrey (who is also expecting, just 3 weeks ahead of me) along with her husband and 2 adorable children came from Idaho to celebrate with us. It was fun to see everyone.

Aubrey and her family stayed with us on Monday night. It was wonderful to have them with us. Trey, who is 3 years old, is hilarious. He went into the guest bathroom and apparently is not used to toilet seat covers. He began petting the furry cover and said to his mom "What's with the rug on the pot? Silly Gretchen." Hahahaha, I thought that was so funny that first of all he referred to the toilet as a pot and second of all that he knew who to blame for the decorating. Weds-Sat my brother Justin stayed with us. It was such a joy to have him stay with us. I miss having him around =)

On Thursday was the commencement exercises with the whole university (6,000+ graduates). Elder Bednar gave a wonderful speech on "Learning to Love to Learn". Following the graduation we went to dinner at TGIF's. Friday afternoon was the convocation with my department of Health and Human Performance. It was such a long graduation! But afterwards we grabbed some free refreshments (brownies and OJ) and then headed to Octavio's for an early dinner. Jake's family came to dinner with us, it was so much fun to have everyone together because it so rarely happens. Following dinner my family and I went to Ronnie and Rashell's because Justin had never seen their home.

Saturday morning we took Justin to the airport and then my parents and I headed to the Gateway shopping district to do some serious shopping! It was so much fun, and not to mention exhausting! My parents sure know how to spoil their little girl. They bought me a ton of maternity clothes and other outfits that look cute now but will also allow for growing room. Thanks so much mom and dad, you two are so wonderful to me =) Jake met up with us for lunch at The Happy Sumo. It was actually really good Japanese food. Following dinner we grabbed a yummy caramel apple and then had to say goodbye to my parents. It is so great having them in town, we wish we could live closer to them.

After we said goodbye to my parent's Jake and I met the Udall's in Park City again for another night at the free house. Of course it has an amazing hot tub which I couldn't get in. We went to church at the same Park City ward we went to a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately it was the ward that the elder who was killed recently in Brazil was from. You could tell the ward was still in mourning. It's hard to believe Heavenly Father would let such a wonderful servant of Him be killed in such a terrible accident. I am so grateful for the missionaries, especially Elder Ainsworth and Elder Pollard who so willingly chose to devote 2 years to serving the Lord. (Below is a picture of my brother Elder Ainsworth following a baptism in the ocean and also a video of me graduating)

Exciting News!

So...pretty much everyone who reads this blog already knows this but I figured I would make an official post. Last month Jake and I found out that we are expecting a baby! Yay! We have been patiently waiting to have a baby for the past year and we are thrilled that things are finally happening. I am just over 8 weeks along and my first doctor's appointment is on Thursday. The estimated birth date is December 4th and we are sooooooo excited! Hopefully the physician performs an ultrasound so we can hear the baby's heart beat, that would make the pregnancy seem so much more real. For now all I have to show for my pregnancy is nausea, fatigue, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Jake and I can't wait to be parent's, and it couldn't be happening at a more perfect time. We feel so blessed.

Gretchen's Birthday!

On April 15th I turned 23 years old. It was a great day....despite the 2 exams (1 being a final), 2 papers, and quiz that was due. Jake and I used a gift card to celebrate my birthday at Macaroni Grill that night. We had the best waiter ever, he was so friendly, quick, and helpful. The following day was my sister-in-law Rashell's birthday as well. We met her and her family at Tucanos for a fabulous dinner. My favorite would have to be the grilled pineapple...mmmm. The weekend before my birthday was full of fun activities. Kristy, my brother David's ex but hopefully future girlfriend came up to Provo to visit with us. She is the sweetest girl. We had fun talking for hours. Then we went to Park City with Bobby and Ashley Udall to stay in an amazing house, and the best part is that it was free! Bobby has amazing connections and we stayed in a place that is usually $600/night. We came back home and Sunday and made it back for our good friends birthday barbecue, Riki Bower. It was a lot of fun.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

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