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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tap Company Performance

Here is the flyer for our upcoming performance.

Here is the press release for the performance.

Footwork: An Evening of Tap Dance

Rich sound and fascinating rhythm will ring out as Footwork: An Evening of Tap Dance takes the stage at the Post Theater on March 6th. Debby Robertson and members of SLCTap, along with Colleen West and the Foot Poetry Tap Dance Ensemble will perform on Saturday March 6th at 7:30 p.m. at the Post Theater at Fort Douglas on the University of Utah campus.

Robertson and West have shared producer duties before, in last year's RDT Sponsored "LINK" series event entitled Footwork: An Evening of Percussive Dance. Whereas that performance explored all genres of percussive dance, this will be the first ever to focus entirely on classic and contemporary tap dance. The stage at the Post Theater is especially appealing to tap dancers for its resonant wood floor, (unusual for dance performance spaces) allowing the intricate footwork to be clearly heard and fully appreciated.

Known for her technique and knowledge of classic tap, Robertson and her group will perform a 1930's vaudeville-era work, a classic soft-shoe routine by the famed "class act" duo of Honi Coles & Brenda Bufalino, as well as a complex a capella quartet. The Foot Poetry Ensemble will display their youthful exuberance and technical chops in a lively Latin piece choreographed by West, a witty disco-dance parody and a modern tap/hip-hop inspired piece.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Personal post, continue with caution :-)

Hannah is just over 15 months old and I am still nursing her. Breastfeeding has been such a wonderful experience for me but lately it has not been so enjoyable. Every once in a while Hannah will have a day where she will bite me when I go to nurse her and continue to do so every time I offer it to her. She does have another tooth coming in so I know her gums are having a rough time but this biting thing needs to stop. Whenever I go to nurse her now I am hesitant with a finger ready to break her death grip of a bite. Any advice out there from you mother's who had/have babies who bite while nursing? I don't know what to do to discourage her because apparently my method isn't working. I'm so frustrated and I just wonder if maybe she is telling me she is ready to wean. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.