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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Brian Regan is Hilarious!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tap Company

I don't think I have mentioned this in my blog yet but I was invited to join a Tap Company by my previous advanced tap instructor at BYU. We rehearse every Saturday and have a performance coming up this summer on June 27th. We have a website with our performance schedule, pictures, and information about us. Check it out if you like! The company is called Foot Poetry Tap Dance Ensemble. Out website is footpoetry.com

Happy Easter!

Today has been a very enjoyable Easter. Yesterday Jake and I went to Costco to try the tasters and buy a few things. I found the most adorable dresses there! I found this really cute Easter dress that is a rosey pink, and Jake really likes me in brown so I bought this pretty brown dress too. It was fun =) I told Jake they could be my early birthday presents because they were kind of expensive. We also bought Enchanted and watched it that night. That movie is so stink'n cute! Today Kaye and Lynn invited us over for Easter dinner. We ate a delicious meal and Kaye sent us all home with to go bags. After dinner we played games and chatted. Overall it was a wonderful Easter. Now I'm just counting down the days until graduation...32!!!

Below are the dresses that I purchased at Costco from Mikarose, a modest clothing designer. The black one I bought in Brown with ivory highlights.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Last Weeks Calamities

Last Tuesday evening my stomach was bothering me, it felt kinda like I had eaten too much. So I went to bed thinking I could just sleep it off....when I awoke to utter discomfort. I preceded to the bathroom where I vomited and other not so fun stuff the remainder of the night. The next day my stomach was still painfully not right with itself and my body ached. Jake and I thought it was food poisoning due to the quick and severe onset....however on Friday night we learned otherwise. Friday night Jake woke up with the same pains and vomited profusely. His remaining symptoms were identical to mine, so now we know this was due to some terrible virus. On Saturday, despite Jake feeling very ill, he had to do 2 presentations. Everyone said he did very well, which is amazing considering how I know he was feeling due to experience. The illness lasted for 3 days for both of us, making last week not the funnest of times. We are feeling much better now and are thankful it wasn't worse.