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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hannah loves to read. Her favorite book right now is A Cuddle for Little Duck by Claire Freedman. It is always the last book she wants us to read to her right before bed. Yesterday I found her reading the book to Liam. And the funny thing is she actually knew words that were on specific pages. What an incredible memory! She did little quirks that Jake and I both do when we read to her. Like when she gets to the page about the frog Jake always says "ribbit ribbit ribbit" while he tickles her and she does that to Liam. Or there is a page where the baby duck wiggles its tail and I always shake the book and say "wiggle wiggle wiggle". The video is a little long but it is so stink'n cute. At one point Liam's foot gets in the way of the page and Hannah gently moves it aside and says "no no baby bruh-uh". That part makes me laugh every time. At the very end she even says bye to the camera. Thank you Hannah for sharing your love of reading with your little brother, and for being so adorable.

Coeur D'Alene Vacation

A couple of weeks ago we went on a quick trip up to Coeur D'Alene to celebrate Jake being done with his 1st year of medical school. It was such a fun and well needed trip. We found a house to rent for soooooo cheap. Just $75/night for a 2 bedroom 1.5 bath house with a big living and dining room area. Besides being not quite up to my cleanliness standards and having to kill about 6 spiders, it was perfect.

We drove up Friday, ate some lunch, and checked into the rental home. Then we found a park that was right on the lake. Hannah LOVED that park. We ordered a pizza and watched some movies. On Saturday morning we got ready for a big day at Silverwood Theme Park. The weather was just perfect! Almost too hot in fact. We chose a great day to go. There weren't too many rides that Hannah wanted to go on but she enjoyed an airplane ride and a boat ride. We had a yummy BBQ lunch and Jake watched the kiddies while I went on some fun rides that he was definitely not interested in. I can't understand why he doesn't love roller-coasters. We left the park at about 6pm, got cleaned up, and headed to this cute Italian restaurant our friends told us about called Tomato Street. It was really busy but very tasty.

On Sunday we just hung around the house and took Hannah to the park a couple of times. We took a picnic and left just before it started to rain. We went on a little drive to see more of the lake and saw some gorgeous homes. Coeur D'Alene is such a pretty gorgeous place. I am so glad we finally took the time to drive just 80 miles north to enjoy more of what Idaho has to offer. It really is a beautiful state.

Hannah and Jake waiting to go on a bumper boat ride
Hannah loved it. And it looks like daddy did too.
If you zoom in you can see how much fun Hannah was having. She has a huge grin on her face.
Hannah and I waiting in line to ride a big swing.
Once it got going she wasn't a big fan of it.
They wouldn't let us ride in the plane with her. But she looked like such a big girl on it by herself. She had this very serene look on her face the whole time.
Daddy and Hannah on the carousel.
Hannah chose that cute little bench for them to sit on.
Getting ready to go play at the park
She loves wearing that hat.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Liam is 4 Months Old!

Our little boy turned 4 months old today! It seems like just yesterday I was writing Hannah's 4 month old post. Now I know why my mom told me to treasure this infancy time, it really does go by so fast. Liam rolled over from his stomach to back 2 weeks ago. He is reaching for things, holding onto toy's, and loves to watch everything going on around him. A month ago (on April 28th) he laughed for the 1st time. It was music to my ears. That same day he slept 8 hours straight at night for the first time. What a good boy.

He has always sucked on his hand when he is hungry or tired but a few day's ago he discovered his thumb! It is the sweetest thing to see him putting himself to sleep sucking on his thumb. When we hold him sitting down he still loves to sit upright. His favorite time is getting his diaper changed. He will just smile up at you and laugh and talk in the sweetest little voice. It definitely makes the fact that I change his diaper every couple of hours less of a chore and more of a privilege.

He had his check-up a few day's ago and did so well with his shots! He didn't even cry with the 1st one, but the nurse warned me that the 2nd shot stings and sure enough he cried with that one. Poor little tike. He was a bit more fussy and had a mild fever but I'm just glad he is getting the protection he need's to keep him healthy.


Weight: 16 lbs 2 oz

Height: 26"

Head: 16 3/4"

Here are Hannah's stats from her check-up when she was 4 months old. It is kinda fun to compare. Turn's out Liam is exactly the same height Hannah was, but he is just a bit more chunky. He has her beat by over a pound. Now I know why it is becoming increasingly more difficult to lug the chunk around in his car seat. What can I say? The kid loves to nurse.

Love this big grin! This is the face we wake up to every morning.
Trying to get a picture of Liam and I
This is a sweet one of him. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes ever.
He is definitely filling out his car seat.

I love this stage in infancy! We are having so much fun with our little man!

Play Time

A few mornings ago Hannah put her sunglasses on Liam, grabbed her toy camera and started taking pictures of him. It was so sweet. I am so excited to see them start to play together. Hannah laughs at just about everything her "baby bruh-uh" does. This is just the beginning of a lot more play time and a wonderful friendship.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Conversation with Liam

Ever wonder what it's like to have a conversation with a 3.5 month old? It goes a little something like this. Little Liam had a lot to talk about. He is already such a ham for the camera. What a little sweetie-pie.