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Friday, June 3, 2011

2 and a 1/2

Today Hannah is 2 1/2 years old. Where has the time gone? Liam just started using the bouncer/entertainment toy we bought for Hannah when she was his age. It seems like she was just bouncing in it herself. Sometimes I miss my sweet little baby girl. But other times I just love the stage she is in right now. She has always been a talker, and she continues to be. It is amazing how she is able to talk non stop. She has so many words I can't even list them. But her definite favorite is "pink". We will be driving down the street and she will be yelling " I found the pink!!" She call's out other colors but there is no doubt pink is her favorite color. She wants to wear pink, color with the pink crayon, eat pink, drink pink drinks....such a girly girl.

More favorite things: Reading, singing, Tangled, Tinkerbell, ball's, coloring, chicken, cheeseburgers, apples, apples and caramel dip, milk shakes, manderines, honey nut cheerios, fruit loops, Gatorade, ice cream, balloons, baby bruh-uh, Jack, princess blanky, going for walks, ducks, and the park.

She is developing quite the tude too (as in attitude). A few week's ago Hannah was being disobedient so Jake said "Hannah, stop, or your going to go to time out". She flipped around towards her daddy, placed her hand out in a halt position, and yelled "Time-out daddy!!!" Is it bad that I laughed? Oh my goodness, it was hilarious. She makes us laugh all the time.

She sleeps from about 9:30 pm - 8am and takes a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. I'm sooooo glad she still takes naps. It is so nice to get that little break in the day to do something to recharge my batteries, like read a book or watch So You Think You Can Dance :-) She has the most beautiful natural curl to her hair. She is a fantastic eater and will eat almost everything we give her. She even eats her veggies first, but she only likes peas or corn. We love our little princess!!!

Such a pretty little girl
Showing Liam how to play with the toy's on the bouncer
So precious!
She has the most gorgeous hair. All I do is wash it and brush it out and this is what it looks like. Amazing perfect curly locks. Lucky girl!
You can tell they are siblings :-) Love them to pieces!!!

Happy Half Birthday Princess!!!

Double Stroller

We splurged and finally bought a double stroller! The Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller, to be exact. We love it!! Hannah loves to get in it and Liam is so comfy in it that he fall's asleep. I love being able to take the kids for walk's together by myself now. The stroller even folds up smaller than our Graco single stroller! It is amazing. It turns on a dime, fits through door-ways, and is very easy to fold and lift. It fits newborn's up to 5 year olds. I did a lot of research to find the perfect stroller, and I'm very happy with our choice. Here are some pictures of the kid's in it.

Hannah looks kinda funky in this picture. I took away her pink purse she was holding right before I took the picture. And she kept her arms in the position she was holding it in. Silly girl.
Taking the kids for their first stroll in it. You can see Hannah is holding her purse again :-)
Liam asleep in the stroller.