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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Liam is 18 months old!

I have so much blog catching up to do it is a bit overwhelming.  But I couldn't let today pass without doing a little post about Liam.  Today Liam is 18 months old!  He is such a boy.  He loves cars, trucks, dirt, sticks, and climbing.  One day I turned my head for a few seconds and turned back around to see a grinning little boy standing on top of the kitchen table.  A couple of months ago I discovered he could count to 10 when I said 1 and he finished counting to 10.  He is hilarious.  If we say the word scowl he will look at you and display the best scowl you ever did see.  He adores his big sister and learns so much from her.  He has not been the best sleeper.  Just a month ago he started sleeping through the night consistently.  He is a chatter box.  He has a lot of words (over 100) and combines them to form sentences.  He can repeat almost anything you ask him to and then adds them to his vocabulary instantly.  I have never actually written down all the words he can say, so for journalistic purposes here we go.  Feel free to skip over this part, I am probably the only person who does not find this list boring :-)

  1. Mama/Mami
  2. Dada/Dadi
  3. Hannah 
  4. Ball
  5. Car
  6. Race Car
  7. Truck
  8. Garbage Truck
  9. Hold you
  10. Help me
  11. Baby
  12. Grama Gi Gi
  13. Brampa
  14. Mimi
  15. Papa
  16. Mamer = Mater
  17. Book
  18. Wuv you
  19. Wuv you fifee (Love you infinity)
  20. Crap (I know, we are tremendous parents)
  21. Go
  22. Bye Bye
  23. Go bye bye
  24. Go bye bye car
  25. Here go (Here ya go)
  26. Airpane
  27. Go bye bye airpane
  28. Nope (I love that he says nope for no)
  29. Ochay
  30. Milk
  31. Drink
  32. Juice
  33. Nana (Banana)
  34. Apple 
  35. Cha Cho Juice (Chocolate Milk)
  36. Cup
  37. Cracker
  38. Cheese
  39. Cookie
  40. Wa wa (water)
  41. Raspberry
  42. Chair
  43. High Chair
  44. Fishy
  45. Horsy
  46. Cow
  47. Bird
  48. Duchy (ducky)
  49. Kack Kack (quack quack)
  50. Giraffe
  51. Elephant
  52. Hippo
  53. Monkey
  54. Oo aah aah (sound monkey makes)
  55. Moon
  56. Er is Hannah? (Where is Hannah?)
  57. Er she is Hannah (There she is Hannah)
  58. Ouchie
  59. Amen
  60. Hello
  61. Hi
  62. Soap
  63. Show Show (Shower)
  64. Show show da da soap
  65. Foot
  66. Ticka Ticka (tickle tickle)
  67. Jack
  68. Baby
  69. Trey
  70. Macme
  71. Aubrey
  72. Unka Day (Uncle Day)
  73. Naina (Alaina)
  74. Cupcake
  75. Coming
  76. Candy
  77. Ice cream
  78. Shoe
  79. Mi Mow (Mickey Mouse)
  80. Mi Mi Mow (Minnie Mouse)
  81. Chi Chow
  82. Baby Bruh (baby brother)
  83. Milk shik (Milk shake)
  84. Flowfer (flower)
  85. Tree
  86. Hat
  87. Biper Change (diaper change)
  88. Bike
  89. Ow side (outside)
  90. Pack Pack (back pack)
  91. Mote (remote)
  92. Jishous (Jesus) 
  93. Skews Shoo (Excuse you)
  94. Pees (Please)
  95. Uh Oh
  96. Down
  97. All done
  98. All gone
  99. Nose
  100. Ear
  101. Eye
  102. Too Bruh (tooth brush)
  103. Stuck 
  104. One more time
  105. One
  106. Two 
  107. Three
  108. Four
  109. Fif
  110. Six
  111. Sen
  112. Eight
  113. Nine
  114. Ten
  115. Sawsee (sorry)
  116. Open
  117. Open door

We love our little man so much!  He has added so much joy and fun to our family. I'm gonna miss my baby, but I sure love the little boy he is becoming.  Here are some pictures of our growing boy.
4th of July
Holding hands with daddy at the Boise Zoo
Driving a truck at the Boise Zoo
He loves swimming and has no fear when it comes to water
He loves bananas.  And Hannah's sunglasses.
We celebrated his 18 month birthday with a cupcake.  He was timid at first.
But then he dug right in.
He loves cupcakes.
Looking cute bud!