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Friday, June 18, 2010

Hannah's 18 Month Portrait's

When Hannah was 6 months old we took her to Fotogenix to get her pictures taken. Well, since they did such a great job last time we decided to take her there again. And we are so very happy with how they turned out. We paid an arm and a leg, but it is definitely worth it. Here are our Top 9.

I love this picture of her beautiful smile. It really captures her personality.

She looks like a model in this picture. She is gorgeous!

She basked in all the attention!

This should be in a magazine. Perfect. Check out those buff calf muscles!

So sweet.

Beautiful smile.

Happy little girl.

She is already a little dancer! Up on her toes with her graceful little arm.

Love this one too.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Moab with the Fam

Over Memorial Day weekend we went to Moab with my parents and brother. We made it a quick trip due to lack of available accommodations. We left Friday evening, stayed the night, and spent all day Saturday in Moab before leaving that night. It was a jam packed day and we wish we could have spent more time there, but we are so glad we got to go!

We had to wake up bright and early Saturday to get to our jet boat tour at 7:30am. Grandma Geri was kind enough to stay with Hannah while the rest of us went on the 6 hour tour. The tour guide stopped and showed us some amazing Native American petroglyphs that were drawn on the cliff walls along the road. The jet boat ride took us down the Colorado River into Canyonland's National Park. We saw some amazing rock formations and learned a lot of cool historical facts. Part way through the tour we stopped and took a short hike to see some petrified wood and other fossils. It was an incredible tour.

After the boat ride we met up with Grandma Geri and Hannah so we could eat some yummy grub before our Hummer Ride Excursion. David, Jake, and I went on the Hummer ride. And wow. The things a hummer can do. Like take us down 6 foot cliffs. Or up slick steep rock formations barely wider than the SUV itself. It was a beautiful ride and a bit scary at times. The driver was pretty funny and knew a lot of interesting facts. He even showed us some dinosaur footprints! The Hummer ride was probably our favorite part.

Before we headed home we drove through Arches National Park. It was too late to do any of the hikes to see the arches, but we were able to see them from the road and several look out points.

As you can tell we had a wonderful time. Thanks mom and dad for a fantastic trip! We miss you guys :-)

Native American Petroglyphs

So neat!

A view from the jet boat

David and dad enjoying the sights.

If you click on this picture to make it bigger you can see a tiny square hole in the mid section of the rock which was a Uranium mine

If you look closely you can see people at the top of that cliff. Crazy people to be exact :-)

We saw a TON of lizard's on our short hike to see the petrified wood

Petrified wood

Petrified wood frozen solid in what used to be a mud flow. Now it's a rock.

A big piece of petrified wood

Jake and I on the boat ride

The cliff on the left is where Tom Cruise filmed the first scene in Mission Impossible 2. Pretty cool!

Jake fell asleep on the boat. Just like that. Seriously.

Pyramid shaped rock formation

A picture on the hummer before we headed out

The initial ascent. Probably the scariest part of the whole ride. Mostly because there is a cliff on each side and the path looks narrower than the Hummer. But it was sweeeeeet!

A view from the hills of the little town of Moab. So pretty.

This is called Lion's Back. People used to be able to drive up it until there were a few accidents where people's brakes went out coming back down. Ouch!

Dinosaur footprint

Another dinosaur footprint

David during the ride

What we are about to drive up!

So gorgeous! Check out those paths we went on

Driving down a mini cliff

A view of the cliff after we drove down it. Now do you believe me when I say Hummer's are incredible machines?!

Another vehicle going down what we just did. Our wheel popped up like that in the back too.

Look how narrow and steep this is!

David hanging from the cliffs edge

David and I hanging onto the cliff

Jake and I holding onto the cliffs edge

Kodak moment during the Hummer ride

Family picture at Arches National Park

So amazing

Double Arch

Delicate Arch

Monday, June 14, 2010

Thanksgiving Point Garden's

My parents came to visit us at the end of May and one of the fun things we did together was go to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens. What a beautiful place. It is amazing the landscapes that people can create. A few days before we went to Thanksgiving Point there was a snow storm (IN MAY, thanks Utah) so many of the flowers had died and were being replaced. It could have been so much more beautiful. We still had a ton of fun with Grandma and Grandpa and snapped some cute pictures.

3 Generations :-)

Running with Hannah on the grass

A beautiful man-made waterfall

Hannah and I

Cruising in our golf cart around the Garden's

Snuggles for Grandma Geri

The Secret Garden

Hannah and Buster (Bubba)

Beautiful girl

Beautiful view

Grandpa let Hannah "drive" the golf cart

So sweet

Adorable picture of these two kids :-)