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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas in Sunriver

For the first time in 6 years my whole family was able to get together for Christmas.  We met at a vacation rental in Sunriver Oregon, which has been one of my favorite destinations since I was a little girl. It was so fun to take my children there.  There were a few feet of snow on the ground when we got there, and it was a blast playing in it.  We went sledding, swimming, shopping, played games, saw Les Mes, ate lots and lots of great food, and had fun just being a family.  Here is our trip in pictures:

Hannah enjoying the snow
 Liam loved the snow too
 Playing with cousins in the snow

 The house
 Liam all tuckered out after playing in the snow.
 Driving Papa Ron's truck
 This is what a Christmas tree looks like when 5 families worth of presents share the tree.
 Opening their Christmas Eve pajamas
Christmas Eve snuggles
There was a trend of daddy's falling asleep with their little ones.
What Santa brought our kids: A vanity for Hannah and a drill set for Liam
 Something isn't quite right about this picture, can you find the floating foot?
 Enjoying her new toy.
 Good thing Santa brought this drill set for Liam because he spent the rest of the trip fixing stuff
 His favorite part of the festivities was access to all the chocolate
 Hannah with Alaina and David on Christmas morning
 I just adore this Church Bag my sister-in-law Rashell made Hannah.
Pictures after Christmas Brunch
 I have taken countless pictures over the years in front of these trees.  Fond memories I tell ya.
 Reading their new books
 Playing Hannah's Cupcake game.  That was a hit with all the cousins.
 So fun
 You're never to old to be a kid again

As you can tell we had so much fun with my family for Christmas!  Love the Holiday's, love my family, love the snow, just lots and lots of love all around.  Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Princess Birthday Party

Hannah requested a Princess Birthday Party, so that is exactly what we did.  For her present from us we got her a pink princess dress and crown to wear to her party and all her little friends wore princess dresses. We played princess themed games like "Pin the Kiss on the Frog" and they each decorated their own crowns to wear.  Hannah had a blast and all the little girls loved being princesses for the party.

Opening up her presents from mom and dad

Princess Birthday Party

All the Princesses eating their treats
The Birthday Princess
I made the cupcakes and they actually turned out kinda pretty

 Hannah blowing out her cupcake
 The family
Eating their cupcakes
Pin the Kiss on the Frog
Opening up presents
She was super excited

Happy Birthday Hannah!  We are so glad you had a wonderful  Birthday full of friends and fun!

Hannah Turns 4!

Our sweet Hannah turned 4 years old today.  She is growing up into such a beautiful little girl.  For Hannah, age 3 was about recovering from her terrible illness by relearning to do things again,  she wasn't able to truly be a 3 year old.  Age 4 is going to be a time of real growth for Hannah because she won't have to worry about learning to walk, talk, and eat again.  She will be able to be an active and loving 4 year old girl.  I love the little girl she is and can't wait to see the things she will accomplish this year.

Favorite Things
She loves playing with her baby dolls.  She loves purses and putting little treasures inside to carry them around.  She loves to get dressed up in some crazy outfit and say she is going to work.  She loves dressing up in a beautiful dress and dancing.  She loves playing outside.  She loves to color and draw.  Her little arms shake and make it difficult to be accurate in her coloring, but she still loves it.  She loves to sing and read books.

Favorite Foods
She loves cereal and would eat it every meal if I let her.  She loves grilled cheese, pizza rolls, ice cream, cupcakes, peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, apples, raspberries, manderines, spaghetti, and corn.

She has been going to preschool since October and loves it.  She has made some great friends and has become more outgoing in social settings because of it.  When I ask her what she did at preschool that day she usually tells me what she ate for snack, but sometimes she goes into detail about playing in the gym and riding a bike, or playing with some friends and a dollhouse, or some other highlight from her day.  I love listening to her talk.

Favorite Animal

Favorite Color

Favorite Show
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins, Mickey's Christmas

Potty Training
Hannah wasn't quite potty trained when she got sick a year ago, and with her illness teaching her to use the potty went on the back burner.  In December she became very interested in the potty and can now stay dry throughout the day and night, we just have to work on going #2 in the potty.

Dressed up and dancing with Baby Howe

First Ballet Class
 First day of Preschool
We are so proud of our Hannah.  Not many people can be challenged so overwhelmingly and still keep that sweet and spunky demeanor.  We love you Hannah girl!!

Singing Happy Birthday