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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Liam's Truck Party

We can't believe our little guy is 2!!  He LOVES trucks so we decided to throw a Truck themed Birthday Party for him, it was so much fun!!  We ate Fruit Cars, Dirt in a Cup, Sticks, Spare Tires, and Stoplight Cookies.  The kids favorite part was the road we made going around the room that they got to drive car's and trucks on.  That was definitely the hit of the party.  Grandma Geri and Papa Ron drove all the way up to celebrate Liam's Birthday with us.  It was wonderful having them here and they were a lot of help getting the party together.  Liam is a lucky little boy to have such wonderful friends and family.  
The Refreshments
The Truck Cake

Stoplight Cookies = Graham cracker, chocolate frosting, and M&Ms
Watermelon for the car and grapes for the wheels
Sticks = Pretzels
Chocolate Donuts = Spare Tires
Pudding and Oreos = Dirt in a Cup
Grandma Geri helping me with last minute touches
The kids eating their snacks
Notice Liam in the background?
He was walking around eating a piece of watermelon most of the party.
Waiting for the Cake
Singing Happy Birthday!
It took him a few attempts to blow out the candle, some spit helped.
We have some great friends here
Putting candles truck candles on the cake
We taped a yellow line around the room for the kids do drive car's on.  They loved that.