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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthday and White Coats

April 15th was my *cough* 26th *cough* birthday. Remember when you looked forward to birthday's? 16 was a big one because that meant getting my driver's license and entering the dating world. 18 meant I was legally an adult, I could vote, and I started college. 21 is a big one for most people....for obvious reason's, for me it was the year I married my college sweetheart (love you bubba). But what do you have to look forward to at 26??? It seems like the next birthday goodie isn't until I get the senior discount at 65, haha.

I love where I am right now in life though. When I was young and I pictured what my life would be like in my mid-20's I'm happy to say I'm exactly where I thought I would be. Happily married with 2 darling kiddos. Life does have it's hardships. Especially right now during Jake's final's week. I have seen Jake in seriously only 10 minute increments the past couple of weeks. People aren't joking when they say medical school is hard. My admiration for Jake and his smartness (yes I just said smartness) have grown tremendously over this school year. On Monday he is officially done with his 1st year and I get my best-friend back. Yay. So moral of the story, find joy in the journey and count your blessings everyday.

I digress...back to my birthday. It was a great day. Jake's mom was in town because his White Coat Ceremony was the same day. Jake and I were able to go out on a couple of dates thanks to Mimi's babysitting. Thanks Mimi! All of us went out to a scrumptious dinner before the White Coat Ceremony. It was a low key celebration of the med students being 1 step closer to becoming doctor's. They each got called up individually and their preceptor would say a few word's about the student and what a fabulous doctor they would make. Jake's preceptor said he will always remember Jake as the guy who didn't show up for his first day of precepting, haha. But then he went on to say Jake had the best excuse one could have because we had our baby boy that morning. He also talked about the qualities Jake has that will make him a great doctor. Then they each got their white coat. We also ate yummy desserts and watched a slide show presentation featuring pictures of the students and their families through out the year. When we got home I blew out some candles and we ate a delicious cake Lanette made me. See what I mean? It was a very Happy Birthday indeed.

So proud of my husband! He looks good in a white coat ;-)
Myself, Rebekah, and Kelli. Love these girl's so much! We couldn't have made it through our husband's first year of med school without each other.
Getting his white coat put on.
Jake's preceptor talking about him.
This is very typical, we can usually be found by the food.
Trying to get a family picture. And failing....miserably...
This was the best shot and you can't even see mine or Liam's face, haha.Liam fell asleep with daddy. Sleepy baby snuggles are the best.
The bestest friend's anyone could ever ask for.
Jake with his bud's. That's including you Liam.
A blurry shot of Jake with part of his class.Blowing out my Birthday candles. Hannah helped :-)

Goodbye Cranks

A couple of week's ago Liam's cranky personality did a 180. No longer is he the fussy baby who needs to be constantly held and rocked. Now he is perfectly content to lay on his play mat or swing in his swing. My back is very happy about the improved situation :-) He is most talkative and smiley during diaper changes. He will look up at me with the biggest grin and coo. He knows just how to melt my heart. He has had to fight through 2 colds already. One of which his cough was so deep and productive that he needed antibiotics. But he is such a tough little guy and bounced back fast. His cold threw off his great sleeping and for a while he was waking up every 2 hours. But last night he slept for 7 hours! I sure hope the sleep fairy visits us consistently. Oh sleep, how I miss thee. Here are some pictures of our little boy who is growing up so fast.

Real men can pull of the pink Bumbo Seat and still look macho. Turn's out we should have thought ahead and invested in a more neutral color. Whoops.
I love those big blue eyes
Such a happy boy!
I think this was the first time he ever fell asleep without being rocked.

"Color Me"

Hannah LOVES to color. She probably colors a good 2 hours everyday. She loves it when people color with her and will constantly ask us to "color me". For those of you who don't speak Hannah, that mean's "color with me". When we do color she likes to tell me which color to use, what to color, and where to color. She will tell me a shape, object, or animal and I will draw it for her to color in. Pretty impressive for a 2 year old.

We are amazed with how well she stay's in the lines
She holds the crayon's with perfect form