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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hannah Pictures!

Here are some recent pictures of our growing baby Hannah! She is developing quite the personality! She smiles all the time and communicates like she really understands what is going on. Yesterday Hannah was sitting in her bouncer in front of me and I called her name twice and she looked over at me. Then while she was looking at me I said "Hannah, you know your name don't you." And she nodded her head like she was saying "Yes mommy I do!" It was so precious. Grandma was there too, so I have a witness :-) She also has a little attitude sometimes. A few days ago I was blow drying my hair and Grandma Geri brought Hannah in to see me. I wasn't looking at her so she peeked up over Grandma's shoulder, looked right at me and made this loud "Maaaaaah" sound. I looked at her and smiled and a few seconds later when I looked away she made the same sound. Apparently she likes to be center of attention, which isn't a problem because everyone adores and loves her. Here are some recent pictures of her...I can't believe she is 8 weeks old!

It is so hard to catch her beautiful smile on camera, but I caught the end of it!
Isn't she gorgeous!?

Our sleeping angel.
All bundled up and ready for church!

She looks beautiful in this sweater and hat that Jakes Aunt Kaye knitted for her.
Bath time is her favorite! This picture captivates her total relaxation while being pampered.
She absolutely loves our Christmas tree...so we have yet to take it down ;) We wanted to get a picture of her with it.
Her smiles make my heart skip a beat. Check out that hair!!! I have yet to figure out how to tame it down, but its sure fun!

Christmas 2008 (yeah yeah, so I'm a little behind on posting)

For Hannah's first Christmas we went home to California to celebrate with my family. It was my brother David's first Christmas home from his 2 year mission in Mexico, so it was a lot of fun to spend the Holiday's with him again. We were only able to fly home for about 5 days, but it was very relaxing. Jake and I were nervous about taking a 3 week old on a plane, but she did remarkably well! She slept the whole time, on all 4 flights! What a great traveler! While in Cali we ate ALOT, watched a bunch of movies, shopped till we dropped, went out to dinner, saw old friends, and mostly just spent time as a family at home. Here are some fun pictures from our trip!

Taking a nap with mommy
We found this dress at Walmart and I just had to have it! She looked adorable as Mrs. Claus
Hannah loves being pampered with back rubs.
Nieces opening Christmas presents
Uncle David holding his baby Hannah
Justin and his family came over to spend Christmas day together.
David loves snuggling with Baby Hannah
We went out to lunch with my good friends from High School, Melissa and Melissa.Auntie Melissa holding Hannah for the first time.
Hazel held her too!
Hannah loves her Grandma Geri.

For New Years we flew to Jake's home in Idaho. Which was also a very relaxing trip. We ate yummy food, watched movies, did some shopping, got together with extended family, and had fun spending time with family. Here are some pictures from that trip!

All bundled up to go shopping!Hannah and Great Grandma Bonnie

Hannah and Great Aunt Jeanie

Friday, January 23, 2009

Baby Updates

1 Month Old!

At one month you changed so much! By 4 weeks old you gave me your first smile, which warmed my heart to the rim. You became much more interactive and developed quite the grip! You still hum in your sleep, which is music to my ears when I'm not trying to sleep :-) You love bathtime and cry when we take you out of the tub. Your legs have gained so much strength! You love to stand up and be a "big girl". In your bouncer you surprised us last week when you batted at the toy hanging in front of you for a few minutes and loved watching it swing back and forth. You also have developed quite the voice. When you are awake you enjoy having conversations with us and sometimes you even repeat sounds! The other morning grandma was talking to you and asked if you were going to make good choices all your life and you said what sounded to us like "of course". It was adorable. Another example was when I asked if you were a hungry hungry hippo and you made a sound that sounded like "hippo". You are a shining light in your parent's lives. Thank you for all the joy you bring to those around you.

Favorite things:
The Christmas Tree (which is why we still have it up)
Grandma Geri
Staring at the mobile on your swing
Playing with the toys on your bouncer
Standing up

One Sick Family

So much has happened since my last post that I don't really know where to start. I guess I will start with why I haven't posted in so long.....Well......When we got back from going home for the Holiday's Jake returned with a nasty case of what we believe was gastroenteritis brought on by the rotavirus. And despite sanitizing everything he touched, Hannah came down with it as well. In adults it lasts 24-48 hours, but in our little girl it lasted almost 2 weeks. The poor thing had diarrhea, vomiting, a head cold and worried her parents sick. We took 3 trips to the pediatrician and they kept telling us to keep doing what we were doing and keep her hydrated. Every time the doctor told us the same thing I wanted to kick him in the shin until he gave me some magic pill to cure my sick little girl. Hannah handled it like a trooper and still had the energy to smile at me despite what she must have been going through. Even though she was sick, everytime we went to the doctor she managed to gain some weight! We joked that she must be the only person to ever gain weight with gastroenteritis. Due to the frequent short feedings, I got mastitis a few days ago. Wow, is that painful. I'm just so thankful that Hannah was feeling better and that my mom was in town to help because I was down for about 24 hours. I have had what many would call a crash course in motherhood. I have never worried so much in my life. But I am so thankful that she is finally recovered and I can rest a little easier at night without worrying about her getting dehydated. I am also extremely grateful for my Heavenly Father, who I turned to often for guidance and support during this hard time. I know He gave my daughter the strength she needed to be healthy again.

And here is a picture of her during her favorite time, bathtime!!!! You can see she gained a few rolls since my last post :-)