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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dancing Again

Many of you know of my love for dance. I have been dancing since I was 2 1/2 years old. The only time I haven't been dancing since that age is the past 18 months....since I became pregger's with our little Hannah. I am quickly learning that as a mom, it is important to make time for yourself and continue to do the things you love and are passionate about. Well, I started dancing again, and it feels wonderful. I joined back up with a tap company I was on before I became large with child. It is called "Foot Poetry Tap Dance Ensemble". Our big concert we are preparing for will be January 9th at the Covey Center for the Arts in Provo. I hope those of you who live in the area are able to come. It will be a fun show of not just tap but clogging and Irish dancing as well. Until then we have several smaller performances for the community.

Posts without pictures can be a tad boring. SO I will end with a couple of pictures.

Uncle David came to visit this weekend. We took this picture right before he left to head back to Rexburg.
Grandma Geri and I took this picture this morning. It is a new outfit Grandma just bought her and we wanted to try it on to make sure it fit. Notice how she is standing, ON HER OWN. (Please ignore the boxes, our office is not unpacked because we don't have a place for our books.) She took her first step last week and everyone say's it looks like she can walk by herself, its just a matter of confidence now.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Get Er Done!

Today Jake left for his first of 3 (so far) scheduled medical school interviews. I am extremely proud of him. It is such hard work to not only get the grades/experience/and MCAT scores, but also to apply. He has written so many essay's I have lost track. It takes a remarkable amount motivation to spend the needed hours on countless essay's. And finally his hard work is starting to pay off. His first interview is tomorrow at the University of Central Florida. We're not too excited about the prospect of moving to the other side of the country, but our family is ready to do anything to support him and his dreams. His next interview is in a week at the University of Texas in San Antonio. We are most excited about that one because we have heard great things about the school, the city, and the state. Plus it would be so CHEAP compared to most medical schools. 5,000/year and low cost of living, quite appealing if you ask us. In November he has an interview at the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas. Hopefully we will be hearing from our top choice medical schools on the West coast soon (Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Loma Linda, and Colorado) This has been such a long process, and its exciting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Good luck tomorrow baby! We love you!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Hannah and I took a quick trip up to Sundance yesterday with my friend Lyndi and her 2 month old boy Samuel. Our husband's are long time friend's and they were roommates at college. Basically we love their family and we have prearranged the marriage of Hannah and Samuel :-) We attempted to hike the trail to Stewart Falls...unfortunately they didn't make the trail very family/stroller/baby friendly. About 20 feet after walking on the bumpy, narrow trail next to a steep embankment into a creek we decided to turn around. We had fun moseying around the lodge and trails around the resort. We also captured some great Kodak moments.

Hannah and I at Sundance
Snuggling up to mommy.
There's my smiley girl.
Hannah and I with Lyndi and Samuel (Hannah's future husband) :-)
Lyndi and Samuel
The start of the trail to Stewart Falls.
Lyndi and Samuel on the bridge. I love how relaxed he is.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Hi der, Amma"

I have been meaning to post this for a while, but as you can tell, I have neglected my blog for a few weeks.

Mid September was a busy week developmentally for little Hannah. She started crawling frequently on September 16th. On the 17th she let go of my mom's hand's and stood up on her own for about 15 seconds. And on the 21st she got her first tooth. What a big girl!

While Grandma Geri was here she also said her first sentence. Hannah started calling Grandma "Amma" on the 20th of last month. The first time she said it she was reaching for Grandma to pick her up and she said "Aaaaama". She also got used to Grandma sitting in the back seat with her while driving in the car. One time Grandma Geri got in the front seat and as soon as Hannah heard her voice up front she yelled "AAaaaaMAaaa!" And finally, there was the sentence. When Hannah woke up one morning Grandma popped in the door to say Hi. Hannah looked over at her Grandma Geri and said "Hi der, Amma".

Daddy has witnessed a lot more verbalization by Hannah lately too. One evening Jake was changing Hannah's diaper and I believe she handed the diaper to Jake and he said "Thank you", to which Hannah replied "Welhum", haha. She has also said "Tiiiga" while playing with her Tigger stuffed animal. And whenever she drops a toy off of the changing table Jake says "Uh oh Speghetti O's" So one time she dropped something and Jake said "Uh oh" and then Hannah chimed in "Skkeho". Too cute.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall Fun

(Just FYI, I started this post a week ago, hence the introduction about it just being October. I'm glad the date at the top vouches for me, even though I am now finally posting it on the 8th, ha)

Is it really October? Holy cow, could September have flown by any quicker? I'm pretty sure that's a no. Life has been pretty busy in the Pollard household. Ever since we started house sitting in August we've had a lot more family in town. Apparently the size of our abode was a deterrent to family for years :-) J/k. It is wonderful having a place big enough to accommodate anyone who wants to pay us a visit. And if you're wondering why I'm using so many "big" words, it could be because I spend most of my day talking to a 10 month old and I just want to make sure my vocabulary still works :-)

Anyways.... back to what we've been up to. A couple of weeks ago Jake's sister Aubrey and her family had a time share in Park City. They stayed up there most of the week and came down to Provo to watch the BYU V.S. Florida State game with us. While they were here my mama was staying with us to get her Hannah fix before heading back to Paradise :-) It is a good thing they were all with us because without them it probably would have been marked as one of the worst nights ever. That game was ridiculous, it is the game all BYU football fans are trying hard to forget about. The following day Aubrey and her fam invited us up to Park City to spend some time with them. We had a blast. Park City is so incredibly gorgeous this time of year. The mountains look like they have been painted with red's, golds, and greens by some master artist. It is breathtaking. I had never been on the Alpine Slides before and Jake was kind enough to watch the babies while the rest of us when down the slides.

Aub and her family had to head home early and offered us their timeshare for the last couple of days. How can anyone say no to that? So Jake took a day off from work and we stayed a couple of nights in Park City. It was so fun to just pack up and get a way for a little bit, even though we went only 45mins from home. Technically it was our first "vacation" with Hannah on our own. We did a lot of shopping at the outlets where all of us were able to find great deals on fall/winter clothes. (We timed that just perfectly because the temperature dropped 40 degrees the following day.) Did I mention that Hannah has grown out of most of her 12 month clothes? This little porker (and I mean that in the cutest most enduring way possible) is now wearing 18 month clothes, at 10 months. Hopefully she will fit into these clothes for a while. I LOVE to shop for her, so it has been fun to get a new wardrobe for her every couple of months....but it just isn't very economical :-)

Family picture. I know Jake's eyes are closed :-( But it's the only picture with the Alpine Slides in the background.
What can I say, my hubby can't open his eyes in the sun, but we still love him :-)
Jake with Hannah and our niece Katelyn.
Hannah snuggling Pooh Bear while rooting for Boise State. I know I know, her eyes are closed just like daddy. Like father like daughter.
I LOVE how it says Boise State on her cute bum.
Still BSU's #1 fan.