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Saturday, February 11, 2012

And finally an update on Hannah

I didn't post any updates mostly due to lack of time. But also because Hannah got worse, much worse before she started to get better. I just did not want to relive the pain of everything going on by writing it all down. I needed to wait until I had some good news to report. So now that she is on her way to recovery, I will record what she has been through because I want her to know what an inspiration she is to us and everyone around her. I want her to know how strong she is, and above all how much she is loved.

When I last wrote Hannah had just been readmitted to the hospital. She had been vomiting for a few days, was severely lethargic, and we were worried that she was getting dehydrated. That worry was confirmed when the nurses had to try 3 times to put the IV in her little hand. She was put on various anti-nausea medications but nothing seemed to work. She would throw up at least twice a day. She lost the necessary coordination to chew and swallow food, so she started losing weight. A nasogastric tube had to be placed into her stomach to catch her up on the nutrition she needed.

The illness took away every ounce of joy Hannah had. Within a weeks time, everything our sweet girl loved to do was taken from her. She could no longer walk, she couldn't color, she couldn't talk, or sing her favorite songs, she could no longer eat, she would cry for hours due to pain, frustration, and an inability to communicate. Her eye nystagmus got so bad that she couldn't even watch TV. She would sleep in our arms or cry.

She was in the hospital for 4 weeks this time. The longest 4 weeks of our life. By week 2 she started to show signs of progress. She would eat a little more, vomit a little less, interact a little more, and not sleep so much during the day. The day we finally heard her laugh again was like medicine for our aching souls.

Everyday she would ask if she could go home. The day we were able to tell her she could go home she lit up and started talking more. On Tues Feb 7th, Hannah was released from the hospital. Progress was much more rapid at home and she started sleeping through the night again.

I have learned so much by watching this amazing little girl struggle to overcome such a hardship. She still has a long road to recovery. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy every week will help her to continue to recover. But I sit here in awe of my little girl. Everything was taken from her, but she still keeps on smiling.

This picture was taken right before she was discharged from the hospital
Reading her books on the couch
Sitting up on the couch for the first time
Hannah girl, you are getting better sweetheart. Slowly but surely you are getting better. One day you will be able to run and jump again, but till then we will be there to lift you up and help you wherever you want to go. Mommy and daddy love you so very much. If we could take your place we would do so in a heartbeat. We love you infinity!