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Our little boy is growing up....

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Monday, October 17, 2011

8 Month Old Tubs

Our little boy is 8 months old!!! (OK, truth be told he is now 9 months old but I started this post a while ago and it needs to be published before he is no longer a baby.) I probably sound like a broken record when it comes to saying my kids grow up too fast. But seriously people, mine are growing up way faster than most kids.

Liam's official name is William. But he gets called William like 0.001% of the time around these parts. Liam is his name in public when we introduce him to people. But at home he mostly goes by Baby Bruda, Tub of Love, Tubby's, Tubs, Buster....pretty much anything but his real name. Is that bad? I feel like we should be better at calling him by his name because at this stage they should recognize their name. But he really is just a heaping tub of love.

He is such a happy little thing. Case in point: One time I had to step out of a church meeting because he was laughing too hard. I wasn't even tickling him or anything. He loves eye contact and smiles and it doesn't matter who you are he will smile back with this big grin that lights up not just his face but the whole room. I love watching the effect he has on people. Our little ray of sunshine. Hannah can't get enough of him either. She loves making him laugh. And his laugh makes her laugh. They are like two peas in a giggling pod.

He started teething this month. Which was no fun. One day I noticed while I was feeding him some solids that between bites he would bend down and gnaw on the table of the high chair. The next day his first little tooth popped out of his gums. He was also pretty fussy and started waking up at night. I never knew when Hannah was teething until there was a new tooth in her mouth. Maybe I just understand the symptoms better this time around...or maybe Liam is just a little softy :-)

Liam's Latest

1st tooth
Started crawling
Loves to stand with support
He loves food. He will eat anything, even vegetables as long as they are disguised in some applesauce. I know. I'm sneaky like that.
He stopped sleeping through the night due to teething and 2 consecutive colds. Poor guy.
Loves people and will cry if he is left alone in a room.
His favorite thing to do is take something and hit it against another something.

He is so much fun and we love him to pieces!!

Now for some pictures:

Wearing his BSU hat to watch some college football
Playing with a toy dog
Dressed up in his Sunday best
Showing off his early crawling skills back in early October
He loves to stand in his crib
Such a sweetie