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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Garbage Cawn"

First of all, I love my little Hannah. She is a dream of a child. But she is obsessed with something, and it is going to drive me bonkers. Most children develop some sort of quirky little obsession when they are young. For some it is trains, others it is a certain TV show, or a favorite superhero, maybe a well loved baby doll or stuffed toy...and then there is Hannah's latest obsession. "Garbage cawn's". That would be garbage can, but she pronounces it with a British accent, hence the "cawn". She doesn't play with them. She just loves to talk about them.

While driving down the street she will point out every single garbage can we pass and talk about how dirty they are. She will count them and name the colors she see's. And lets face it, when you live in a big city you see about a bazillion garbage cans in just a quick trip. It would be more bearable if she didn't force you to repeat everything she says just so she knows you heard her. A sample conversation that transpires on a daily basis while in the car:

Hannah: "Green, black, and a blue garbage cawn! 1, 2, 3 garbage cawns!!"

Me: "Good job Hannah."

Hannah: "Garbage cawn too deerty Mama." (She say's dirty with a British accent too)

Me: "That's right Hannah."

Hannah: "Garbage cawn too deerty Mama!!"

Me: "OK Hannah."

Hannah: "Garbage cawn too deerty Gretchen!!!!" (She mean's business when she calls me by my first name)

Me: "I hear you Hannah, you're right."


And then I cave in.

Me: Begrudgingly "Yes Hannah, garbage cans are dirty."

Can you see the joy that is a car ride with her lately? She loves garbage trucks too. She will gaze out the living room window in excitement as a garbage truck pulls into the parking lot to pick up the trash. Over the past couple of weeks it has gone from hilarious and sweet to "I would rather be hit over the head by that garbage can than hear her say it one more time". Please tell me this obsession will fade. Have your kids ever had an obsession? I would love to hear about it.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


A couple of weeks ago we took the kiddos to JCPenney Portraits to get some professional pictures taken of them. It was the first time Liam had ever had his pictures taken professionally. He is 7 months old, so it was about time. They both did great! We got some good smiles out of them.