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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Festivities

Friday night we went to the local mall for a mall-wide trick-or-treat event. It was a fun way to stay warm and get some candy :-) Hannah got the hang of trick-or-treating very fast. She would walk up to whoever had the candy, open her bag, and wait patiently to be given some candy. After they gave her candy she would close her bag, walk away, and say "bye". Haha. She cracks me up. One time there was a group of people sitting down checking out their candy loot and Hannah saw candy and thought "hey, that must be for me". So she walked over to them and opened her bag. Jake and I got to her before the kids felt obligated to share their sweets. So funny.

After the mall we went to a costume party that Jake's med school class put together. It was fun to see everyone and their creative costumes. And of course everyone loved Hannah and her princess costume. She is always quite the hit. I threw together last minute costumes for Jake and I. We went as a pregnant witch and an under-cover sheriff, I'll let you decide who was what :-)

Saturday night we had a ward Halloween Party. We ate soup in bread bowls, cup cakes, and did some more trick-or-treating. Halloween was a lot of fun!

Introducing Princess Hannah!

She kept saying how "priyee" she was. AKA pretty

This is the outfit Hannah wore to church today. Thanks Grandma Geri! She looked adorable!

Candid shot


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Growing Belly

I haven't posted a baby bump picture in quite a while. So for those of you that are interested, here ya go. I am just over 24 weeks. 24 weeks and 3 days to be exact :-) 3 and 1/2 weeks until I am in the 3rd trimester! Yay! I'm feeling great pregnancy wise. Just some occasional heart burn. Nothing a few Rolaid's can't cure.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Red Barn Farm

Last Saturday we went to the Red Barn Farm with our friend's the Hill's. We followed them to the farm as they followed their GPS. I would just like to thank them (and their GPS) for the wonderful unnecessary tour of Eastern Washington's vast countryside. It took us about an hour to get there, and about 20 mins to get back home. We took all the back road's and when we got there we saw that Highway 195 just happened to be right next to the farm. Whoops. It was an adventure and a very beautiful drive.

The Farm was a lot of fun! There was a BBQ, fun shop's, a hay maze, a live band, and a pumpkin patch. We ate a delicious pulled pork sandwich, picked out the perfect pumpkin, ate some candy, and watched Hannah run around in the hay maze. She LOVED every second of that maze.

Here is a picture of the Red Barn Farm. Beautiful.

Hannah running around in the maze

Baby Jack wondering why his parent's stuck him in a pile of hay :-) To create the perfect Kodak moment of course.

Having so much fun.

More running.

A Few Pictures

Last week Hannah and I went to lunch with Jake. When we got home I was fiddling on the lap top while Hannah was playing on the floor. Next thing I know I don't hear anything. Hannah fell asleep, on the floor. It wasn't even naptime yet. It has been at least a year since she has fallen asleep randomly not in her bed. So precious. She must have been totally exhausted. I was able to change her diaper and her pant's without waking her up. What a little sweetie.

Hannah and I snuggling on the couch after church.

A close-up of the pretty princess.

Hannah's Many Sleeping Positions Cont.

Hannah has continued to surprise us with how many unusual position's we can find her in while sleeping. Here are some more examples:

This one crack's me up. Once again she is hanging onto the mattress for dear life. A rock climber in the making?? Great form sweetheart.

I like this one too.

Are you sure you are comfortable princess??

I love it when we catch her snuggling her buddies in her sleep.

So sweet that she is resting her head on her arm. This is one of the most normal position's we have captured her in.

What's not to love about this one?? Her little feetsies hanging out is my favorite. What you can't see from this angle is that Buster is laying on her head.

Snuggling again :-)