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Friday, June 26, 2009

Sleepy Girl

Yesterday Hannah was more tired than usual. I placed her in her bouncer and left her to get on the computer. About 10 minutes later I couldn't hear anything and I came in to discover this.
She had bounced herself to sleep. About 20 minutes later I could hear some rattling coming from the living room again. I walked in to find that she had woken up and without making a peep she just started bouncing again. What a silly girl.

In the past couple of weeks she has also developed a fascination with her feet. Particularly her left foot. She is constantly sticking it in her mouth. So adorable. Here are some pictures of catching her in the act.

She has continued to find weird and uncomfortable sleeping positions. Here is her latest.

Hannah's Many Faces

No matter the expression her face lights up our world.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I picked Hannah up out of her bouncer today and gave her a big kiss on the cheek. She promptly turned to me, smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck. My world is complete.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Family Pictures

On Tuesday we got out family pictures and Hannah's 6 month portraits done. The photographer said Hannah was the happiest baby she has ever seen. Hannah, as always, LOVED the camera and just kept smiling and having a great time. I'm so glad the pictures went well, and I can't wait to see them on Tuesday and get my hands on our favorites. I'm pretty sure we got some good ones =)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fathers Day 2009

I made Jake this photo book for Father's day. It arrived early so I already gave it to him. He really is a wonderful Father, I am so grateful for him. I have seen a lot of dad's who arn't very involved with their children's lives. Jake is not one of those dad's. He volunteers to change diapers, loves helping me to give her a bath, hold's her every moment he can while he's home, gives her countless kisses on the cheeks each day, makes up silly songs to sing to her, dances for her and with her, make's her laugh like no one else can, and tells her contstantly how much he loves her. He would do anything for her and I love him tremendously. Take a look at what I made for him.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

6 Months Old!

Hannah had her 6 month check up. The Dr. said she is looking great! Here are her stats:

Height: 27.5 inches 95-97th%

Weight: 18 lbs 1.5 oz 75-90th%

Head: 44.5 cm 90-95th%

At 6 months Hannah is becoming so much fun. Well, she's always been fun but she is a lot more interactive and developing quite the personality. She reaches for EVERYTHING. So we have to be careful about what is within her reach. And within her reach is about twice the length of her arms because that girl can reach. When I am feeding her there have been multiple occasions where she has either knocked the food out of my hand or kicked the food off the table. You'd think I'd learn after the first time....apparently not. She loves to look at people until they look at her too and when they do she gives them a huge grin. She is not very shy at all but she played this game with her Papa when we were in Sun Valley. He would look at her and say "Peeeeee Pie!" and she would give him a huge smile and than duck her head into my shoulder. She would do this every time he said that to her. When others would try she wouldn't give them the same reaction, so that was funny. She has also become a little amateur parrot. When Mimi was saying goodnight to her she said "I love you" and than Hannah replied "Ah luv oooo" and we all looked at her like, did she really say that? And than Mimi said "You love me?" and Hannah said "uh huh". It was unbelievable! Soooo precious. Another time Jake was telling her how much he loved her and he said "I...." and she replied "I......". I know its hard to believe, but there were witnesses :-) She sits up on her own really well and rolls both ways with ease. She also has a new trick where if she is standing up and I put her hands on a coffee table or her crib railing she can hold her self up while standing! That girl is buff! She is also becoming possessive over toys. If she is playing with something and I take it away she will start to cry, and when I give it back she stops crying. She is also Mrs. Photogenic! Every time someone pulls out a camera she immediately stops what she is doing, looks right at the camera, and smiles! She just loves the camera. It becomes problematic when I am trying to film something cute she is doing...as soon as she sees the camera she stops and smiles. She was sleeping wonderfully, about 7-9 hours and even 10 hours one night. However on our trip to Idaho she started waking up during the night and has continued to do so. Hopefully that stops soon. We just can't believe she is already 1/2 a year old. But what a sweet, beautiful, angelic, happy little addition to our family she has been.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sun Valley Trip

On Thursday morning we packed up and drove to Sun Valley, ID to spend the week with Jake's family. The drive there couldn't have been better. We left at 8am, and with Hannah being a late riser (usually up at about 11am) we figured she would sleep most of the way. Which she did. She was only awake for about an hour of the 5 hour drive and only cried for about 20 minutes, which worked out great because it was the last 20 minutes of the trip. When we arrived we met his family for lunch at this scrumptious deli and then headed back to the condo after checking out a couple of shops. For dinner Jake's mom made some yummy ravioli's using a secret family recipe. Luckily I'm a part of the family so I know the secret :-)

Friday was a fun and relaxing day. Jake and his dad woke up early and went golfing. Unfortunately they got drenched in the rain and headed back after only 9 holes. We then spent most of the day relaxing and watching TV. After a yummy dinner out we all went bowling. Jake and Mike dominated the scene while I was just happy I broke a 100 :-)

On Saturday we went to lunch and then did some shopping. Jake and I bought this awesome game called Hit or Miss. The game was definitely a "Hit" that night :-) The boys then took the kiddos home while the girls did some quick shopping of their own. I bought a few things for Hannah and Mimi bought her these could little glittery Mary Jane shoe-socks. That night I cooked Holly's vegetable lasagna (the recipe that I recently posted) and everyone loved it.

On Sunday we went to church and then went out for an afternoon bike ride while Mimi and Aunt Aubrey watched the babies. It was a beautiful ride which was luckily mostly down hill :-) We thought we would be gone a couple of hours, but ended up making it back home in an hour. We then watched Mall Cop and played Hit or Miss once again.

Monday morning we went out to breakfast and did some more shopping. I bought a Sun Valley sweatshirt and these awesome "switch flops". The straps on the flip flops have Velcro on them so you can change out different color straps (pictured below). I am sooo excited about them.
While we were shopping Jake and his dad went golfing again. They had a great time and the weather was much better this time. When we got back Aubrey made this yummy sesame pork and broccoli noodle dish that we all enjoyed. After dinner we threw Jake's dad a little retirement party fool of pie and a cape and crown :-) On the crown we wrote 31 reason's why we love and appreciate him because he worked 31 years. After dessert we watched the movie Fireproof which I highly recommend. It was a wonderful movie on marriage and the importance of keeping Christ in the center of our lives.

Monday morning we ate breakfast and hung out until the afternoon when we all headed home. It was such a fun trip and we loved spending time together as a family. Hannah was wonderful with her Mimi, Papa, Aunt Aubrey, and Uncle Mike. She warmed right up to all of them. My only complaint about the whole trip, well besides the rain, is the car ride home. Hannah took a nap an hour before we left, which was a BIG mistake. She cried most of the way home. I didn't know babies could cry that long. The 5 hour trip turned into 7 miserable hours. The hardest part is that she was so angry that she even refused to nurse, which was not only very uncomfortable for me but kinda nerve wrecking. Needless to say we made it home and will plan much better from now on.

And now some pictures from our trip:

The peaceful ride to Sun Valley. Hannah asleep with one hand on her book and one hand on a water bottle.

Hannah and cousin Katelynn having fun with Papa.Katelynn and her Uncle Jake.
Mimi loved rocking and singing Hannah to sleep. It looks like Hannah loved it too :-)

Hannah and Katelynn sitting in their Bumbo Seats.
Hannah wearing her daddy's hat.
They are going to be best buds! They are soooo stink'n cute together.
Silly girls. Check out Katelynn's dimples. She has atleaset 4 of them!
Our pretty little princess.