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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby Bump Update at 29 Weeks!

I just realized that I haven't posted anything in a while. So time for some updates. First of all, tomorrow I am 30 weeks along! I can hardly believe there is (hopefully) only 10 weeks left. Below is a picture I took with my phone at 29 weeks. It turns out that digital cameras don't fair well with sand infiltration....hopefully it will be fixed soon. Some baby related news:

On Friday Sept 29th I felt what I finally recognized as our little one hiccuping! It was so stinking cute! This was my train of thought: What was that? There it was again. That's not a kick....its still going....those flutters are pretty regular....awwwwww, they're hiccups! "Jake!!! Our little girl is hiccuping, come quick!" Yup, that's pretty much how it went down. It was precious, to say the least.

A couple of weekends ago Jake's parent's drove up from Idaho to spend some time with us. It was so much fun to see them. We pretty much just ate a bunch of good food and watched 8 hours worth of college football. Lanette (Jake's mom) and I had some girl fun and went shopping during the break between the BYU and BSU football games. We went to this cute little children's dress shop in the mall called Jolene's. A few months ago, before we knew it was a girl, Lanette and I spotted a blessing dress at the store and I just fell in love with it. We came across it again
and Lanette bought it for our little girl! It is so beautiful! I can hardly wait to see her in it as Jake carries her up to the front of the chapel to give her a name and a blessing.

Last week Jake let me buy tickets for us to go to World of Dance, an excellent showcase of the talented dance companies at BYU. Our favorite dances were the Cougarettes contemporary routine to "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" and the International Folkdancers high energy clog dance. We had a lot of fun watching the show, but it made me miss dancing :-(

This past weekend we spent some time with our good friend Will who had a birthday. We went to dinner Saturday night at our favorite Thai restaurant in the world (Bangkok Grille) and went back to Will's house to play games. Monday was his official birthday and he invited us over for dinner and a bonfire. It is always fun to spend time with good friends.

On Friday morning my mom will be arriving here in Utah to attend the baby shower my sister-in-law is throwing for me. Jake's mom is also able to come, so I am really excited to see friends and family this weekend!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Trip Home To Cali

Two weeks ago Jake and I were able to fly home to spend some quality time with my family. The earlier post explains that the reason behind the trip is the fact that my lil bro David returned from his mission to Tijuana, Mexico. It is so much fun having him home again!

The first day back in Cali was spent picking David up from the airport and taking him to the Stake Center where he was released from being a full time missionary. David has a lot of mixed feelings about no longer being a full time missionary. He grew to truly love the people of Mexico and didn't feel ready to leave them. But on the other hand, he is very excited to get out there and start dating again! :)

The following day was a Tuesday and I spent the day babysitting my 2 little nieces because my sister-in-law had her tonsils removed. Emma, my 5 year old niece just began Kindergarten this year. It was so much fun taking her to school and seeing how excited she was to go. While she was at school I took Elissa who is 2 yrs old home to see David for the first time since she was a baby. It was so cute how she just ran into David's arms for a big hug and gave him a huge grin. Elissa is the happiest little girl I've ever known. Her warm smile and infection giggle warm the heart. It didn't take long for David to see this in her and realize how adorable she's become. I took out the camera while watching her and immediately she started showing off her grin for the world.

On Wednesday mom, David, and I went to Sacramento to go to the new temple that was dedicated just after David left on his mission. It was wonderful to spend that time together as a family in the temple. After the temple we did some back to school shopping with David and then headed to the airport to pick up Jake. It was fun to see David and Jake reunited and hear them speak in Spanish with each other.

Thursday and Friday my dad set Jake up with a bunch of doctor's to job shadow. Jake was able to go on rounds with my dad and a hospitalist. He shadowed a family practitioner, a dermatologist, and an OBGYN during their routine office visits. He also got to witness a few surgeries including some endoscopic procedures and a c-section. Jake's favorite part was watching the c-section. Shadowing a variety of doctor's really helped Jake to see that being a doctor is truly what he wants to do with his life. I'm so thankful that my dad was willing to take the time to help his son-in-law become more motivated and excited for the long journey ahead.

On Friday night mom, dad, David, Jake, and I drove up to Lake Tahoe. We ate a yummy dinner at our favorite restaurant (coincidentally the restaurants name is "Jake's"). Saturday morning we ate a delicious breakfast and headed to Kings Beach for some fun. Jake has never ridden on a Wave Runner, so my dad rented Wave Runner's for David and Jake. The water was a bit rough because it was a fairly windy day, but the boy's had a ton of fun. David was of course a little dare devil, as soon as he could he accelerated to top speed and was flying across the rapids getting at least 5 feet in the air at times. Jake on the other hand was a bit more conservative at first. He would speed up and then take a break. My Mom said you could tell he was being careful and that he has a child on the way. I was a little bummed not to be able to go out there myself (pregnant + wave runner = not good) but it was a ton of fun sitting back and watching the boys bond in a manly way. Following the beach we played mini-golf, ate lunch, and then journeyed the 2.5 hours back home.

Some pictures from Lake Tahoe:

Below is David and Jake doing some brotherly bonding during our walk at Squaw Valley.This picture was taken at Fanny Bridge in Tahoe City.
A couple of pictures from dinner at Jakes:
Beautiful Lake TahoeCan somebody please make me a sign that says: "I'm pregnant, not fat"? ok thanks :)

The boys getting ready to have some fun on their wave runners.

Jake heading off slowly into the distance.David racing off and taking the time to wave to me before he vanished.
Jake and David playing together.
On Sunday David gave his homecoming talk. Ronnie and his family drove up from Utah to be there for it. Justin and his family also came. The only sibling who couldn't be there was Paul, who was in Belgium on business. David gave a wonderful talk about his mission. He started it off by saying that when he got called to Tijuana, little did he know he was being called to the Marines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Tijuana is a dangerous and corrupt place, but he said that there were so many people who had their hearts prepared to receive the Gospel in their lives. He had some amazing experiences and wishes he could have served another year. But our family is so thankful to have him back home with us.

David, Daniel, and I hanging out after church.

Jake is so good with his nephew Daniel.
Following church we had a barbeque and spent some quality time together as a family. Jake and David played horsey for their nieces for quite a while. It wasn't too good on their backs, but it sure was conducive to some adorable pictures.

David with all 4 nieces on his back sitting in chronological order.Grandma and her first grandson Daniel.
Emma holding her baby cousin Daniel.

On Monday we spent part of the day with the family and then caught our plane back to Utah. It was sad to leave home, but I look forward to Christmas when our new little addition will be a part of the family too.