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Monday, September 23, 2013

Baby #3

We are expecting our third little bundle of joy to arrive around February 15th of next year. February isn't the most prefect timing for us. As of now Jake is supposed to be finishing up a 6 week OB rotation in MONTANA the month I am due. Montana people. That is not O.K. Hopefully we will be able to rearrange his schedule so that he will be a bit closer to home when baby decides to come.

 This pregnancy is flying by because our family has so much on its plate. Hannah is in preschool and dance, Hannah and Liam are playing soccer, Jake is a 3rd year medical student, and I am teaching 6 Zumba classes each week. As of a couple of days ago I am 19 weeks pregnant. We find out in a little over a week if we are having another boy or girl. The kids think it is a baby sister, or rather Hannah does and Liam goes with whatever Hannah says. Smart boy.

2 weeks ago I felt the little one kick for the first time, and ever since I have felt a non stop flutter of movement. It feels like the relationship you have with your baby really starts to develop once you feel those little movements. The first trimester was pretty rough. I felt sick almost all day. I had never really experienced morning sickness before. Thanks baby for making sure I didn't miss out on that pregnancy experience. As soon as 12 weeks approached I haven't felt nauseous much at all, but I still am pretty tired. Here are some ultrasound and baby bump pictures. We can't wait to meet this little one!

Little Peanut at 7 weeks
12 Weeks
16 Weeks
19 Weeks


Lyd Stew said...

Congratulations! How exciting!!! You're so fit and cute- you could have fooled me.

Leslee said...

Congratulations! Good luck getting Jake's schedule figured out! I am sure they will have a little compassion on him:)

Michelle M said...

Gretchen you are TOO CUTE pregnant!!!! If only we could all look that good.